In the case of symptoms already present, the height of the measured TEWL value indicates the type and stage of the skin disease.


Also in the area of healthy skin, a higher TEWL value can be used to determine whether the skin barrier is impaired. For example UV rays, chemical and stress-bearing.


Mobile, one-button operation, none-invasive, CE


The therapy can be continuously monitored via TEWL values and thus the course of the healing as well as prognoses can be determined.


In the case of first symptoms, a clarification on the measurement of the TEWL values can give information about diseases.


The type and density of the diagnosed diseases allow the use of measured-value models for the occurrence of increased diseases.

Point of Care Diagnostic

VASEMA GmbH offers innovative point-of-care solutions that bring benefits to doctors and nursing staff as well as patients. NONE -INVASIVE DIAGNOSTICS does not need blood and causes no pain.



Diagnostic Solutions for Hospitals

Examples of innovative solutions for the operation of a hospital:


Pregnancy stations

The skin barrier is not fully developed in premature babies. Maturation of the skin is still necessary, whereby, for example, an increased risk of infection is existing. With dermaMeter® professional 100 and App the complete maturation of the skin can be documented and to intervene in need of care immediately. 


Wound management

The severity detection, the wound healing monitoring and the infection detection can be performed simply with the dermaMeter® professional 100 and the associated App. All types of wounds are covered as:

▶ Burns

▶ Decubitus

▶ Chronic wounds


OP – Ward / Hospital room

The risk of developing a decubitus ulcer and the current status of the skin can be determined at any time. An App helps with the risk assessment in the hospital or nursing home.


Isolation room

Patients who complain about malaise and who are suspected of having a tropical disease can be so quickly subjected to permanent monitoring for signs of a change in the skin. With the dermaMeter® professional 100 and App a change of the skin can be documented and take immediate action.


Hospital hygiene

Patients can be quickly monitored for signs of infection and placed in appropriate areas / zones. Of course, this can also be done preventively. Therapy monitoring completes the application and ensures the safety of the risk patients



Diagnostic Solutions for Rest home / Nursing home / Geriatric

Examples of innovative solutions for the operation of a Rest home / Nursing home / Geriatric:



Patients can be examined quickly for signs of a pressure ulcer in a preventive manner. Through measurements a risk profile is created, which can be stored with an App continuously, so that changes are detected. This saves up to 90% of the costs incurred. 



The regular and sufficient drinking is necessary so that the body does not dry out and can fulfill its functions. Measurements enable you to determine the current status.


Wound Management

The severity detection, wound healing monitoring and infection detection can easily be performed simply with the dermaMeter® professional 100 and associated App. All types of wounds are covered as:

▶ Burns

▶ Decubitus

▶ Chronic wounds


Diagnostic Solutions for Dermatology

For dermatology, we offer the possibility to recognize skin diseases at an early stage, which is still well-treatable, and to perform a better individual adjustment and dose-effectiveness adjustment of the therapy for the patient based on this. The simple documentation of the measured values represents an additional relief for the treating dermatologists.


Diagnostic Solutions for Plastic surgery

For plastic surgery, we thus offer the possibility to measure the skin condition of the patients before surgery or other aesthetic measures. After skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis or skin allergies have increased dramatically, complications of surgical intervention or post-treatment may occur if these problems are not known. The after treatment of the altered tissue and the production of optical aesthetics thus become central questions. Due to the growing demand for aesthetic-medical treatments, such as face-lifting or the use of botulinum toxin in various areas, the dermaMeter® professional 100 offers the possibility to carry out the appropriate success control.

Diagnostic Solutions for occupational medicine

The dermaMeter® professional 100 helps assess whether and to what extent a worker has a healthy skin and whether there is already an initial sensitization, as well as whether skin diseases are already present. In the event of sensitization, this can be taken into account in the selection of professional remedies. The dermaMeter® professional 100 also helps in time to recognize the use of unsuitable means and to quickly intervene by detecting rising TEWL values.

Diagnostic Solutions for Medical practitioner

A general practitioner can carry out a health check or measure the dehydration according to the necessity or the wish of the patient.


Diagnostic Solutions for Home nursing

The possible applications of the TEWL measurement are manifold in home care, such as carry out of a health check, measuring dehydration, monitoring of wound healing, prevention of diathesis and decubitus.

Diagnostic Solutions for Sports medicine

In the sport, which depends on the performance of the muscles, the performance of the muscle is changed by the water loss of the skin. Skin impairment leads to a performance drop of the sports muscle. With the dermaMeter® professional 100 the performance of the skin and thus of the muscles is adjusted optimally and the regeneration of the muscles via the water evaporation is monitored.


Diagnostic Solutions for Rehabilitation Center

In the rehabilitation center the dermaMeter® professional 100 is used for therapy monitoring when using drugs and cosmetics that have an effect on the skin. The objective measurements help also in the preparation of disability reports via the skin.

Diagnostic Solutions for Central Lab

In the Central Laboratory, the clinical parameter Notch 1 (Notch homolog 1) is measured with the dermaMeter® professional 100. 


VASEMA GmbH Solutions reliable, fast and efficient*

▶ University Hospital  For clinical trials, monitoring of new drugs
▶ Airports  For health check
▶ Schools  For health check
▶ Authorities & NGOs For the detection of infectious diseases in a pandemic, epidemic and endemic confrontation
▶ Spa and Wellness For health check
▶ Pharmacy For clinical trials, monitoring of new drugs
▶ Biomedicine  For clinical trials, monitoring of new drugs
▶ Cosmetic industry  For clinical trials, monitoring of new creams
▶ Research & Development  For clinical trials, monitoring of new ingredients


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