Measure clinical parameter Trans Epidermal Water Loss - TEWL via the skin.


Permanently, gases and fluids and characteristic odors evaporate out of skin leading to highest correlations between volatile components and the occurrence of certain illnesses, one of them Trans Epidermal Water Loss - TEWL



VASEMA Technology leads to a disruptive diagnostics solution in diverse medical disciplines

None-invasive – no fear, no pain, no infections

Near-zero wait time – results from hours and days to 16 seconds

Massive cost reduction – from up to 400 EUR to 1 EUR per diagnosis by device

Easy to use solution – can be used by untrained personnel e.g. for pandemic-prevention

Why is VASEMA technology unique?

▶ The miniaturization of gas chromatography has been successfully implemented in nanotechnological sensor

▶ VASEMA technology is able to normalize different skins and skin conditions

▶ TEWL Skin Analysis Measurement Devices are the only one approved with Medical IIa CE0123 certification

▶ The disposable sterile Hygiene Caps also work as molecule filters

▶ Recognition of diseases by none-invasive skin diagnostics instead of blood tests

▶ Confirmation by clinical multicenter study with 977 probands

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