About Us

VASEMA GmbH is a privately held Austrian company domiciled in Vienna, Austria. VASEMA GmbH is certified as a medical devices manufacturer by TÜV SÜD (Germany) according to ISO13485.


VASEMA GmbH research, develops, manufactures and distributes medical devices and systems which disrupt the way clinical parameters are measured. Its nanotechnological none-invasive diagnostic systems are able in the future to measure all parameters of blood. They quantify the same parameters as conventional blood test procedures – at a fraction of time and cost.


VASEMA GmbH excels in two core areas. On one hand, the company has a patent-protected technological edge in sensor technology for gas analysis as well as in molecular diagnostics. On the other hand, the VASEMA GmbH has a strong competence in medical devices business development and customer acquisition, with well-anchored networks on the customer, opinion leader, regulator and the reimburser side in key markets.


VASEMA GmbH has clear values and is oriented towards the stakeholder value approach. The company takes into account the interests of all the partners - the customers, suppliers and employees - associated with the company, and also actively takes responsibility for society and the environment. This leads to a trust base that enables the company to achieve its long-term success.


We know that the employees are the most important success potential of our company. Because qualified, motivated and satisfied people create the new and deliver the best performance. Their knowledge and continuous learning ensures the further development of the company and thus the sustainable economic success.