dermaMeter® professional 100

Point of care with dermaMeter® professional 100 is none-invasive diagnostic via the skin.

For each individual measurement with the dermaMeter® professional 100 a new sterile single use hygiene cap has to be used. A sterile disposable hygiene cap for each measurement with the dermaMeter® professional 100 excludes a possible risk of infection if used correctly.


dermaMeter® professional 100 your competent partner for diagnostic



dermaMeter® professional 100


Delivery package

• 1 Measuring device (Induction charging, Bluetooth Interface, Signal ton On / Off – switchable)
• 1 charging cradle
• 1 Mini USB power supply
• 1 Blister with 40 sterile single use hygiene cap
• 1 Instructional manual
• 1 VASEMA aluminium case
• 1 Booklet 





▶ TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) measuring device for healthy and wounded skin
▶ From the product category - Medical measuring device for skin analysis

▶ Assists in the diagnosis and treatment

▶ Product class IIa

▶ Clinical tested and confirmed
▶ Usage in the physician’s office and in the hospital recommended by GCP

▶ Disposable sterile hygiene caps
▶ ROHS-free
▶ EG Certificate - CE



dermaMeter® professional 100

The new dimension of skin analysis - Certified quality
The dermaMeter® professional 100 is the world's first certified TEWL measuring instrument approved for outpatient and clinical use. With the dermaMeter® professional 100, the VASEMA GmbH company provides you with an innovative skin analysis device, which is quickly becoming a reliable partner in medical practice and in hospitals. Skin health is measured objectively and reliably via Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Wide range of applications - efficient use
With the dermaMeter® professional 100, many daily challenges in medical practice can be easily mastered. The versatile fields of application speak for themselves, from early detection to diagnosis and therapy, to the monitoring of healing procedures. The TEWL value is measured within a few seconds. Further measurements can be carried out immediately after mounting of a new hygiene cap.

Reliable and accurate measurements - clear diagnosis
The TEWL measurement is independent of external influences and provides objective and clearly interpretable measurement results. Even the slightest changes in the skin barrier are recognized. The appropriate treatment method can be determined at an early stage and the progress of the therapy is detectable.

Comfort and ease of use - no hassle
The dermaMeter® professional 100 is very easy to use. It is wireless, mobile and ready to use at any time. The measurement is carried out at the push of a button and the TEWL value is clearly displayed on the display. In order to increase the comfort of the device, the device is equipped with a powerful, rechargeable battery which is charged in the charging cradle. The measured data can be transmitted via Bluetooth® to a tablet. In addition, dermaMeter® professional 100 is also maintenance-free.

Highest hygiene standards - safety and trust
The measuring process is hygienically safe. Especially by the use of sterile disposable hygiene caps, which prevent deposits of dirt and bacteria and guarantee a safe and hygienic measurement. After the measurement the hygiene cap is thrown off without touch by the push of a button. The sensor cleaning process is carried out automatically before each measurement. The dermaMeter® professional 100 can be cleaned with the disinfectants used in medical practice and in hospitals (See Instructions for Use).

Certified medical device - Guaranteed quality
The dermaMeter® professional 100 is certified for medical technology class IIa and protected by several patents worldwide. Each dermaMeter® professional 100 is calibrated. We guarantee exact results for each measurement. 


Technical Data dermaMeter® professional 100*

dermaMeter® professional 100 - Device

Name and model dermaMeter® professional 100
Measuring principle Closed measuring champer - TEWL-measuring device
Display LCD
Measuring range 0 - 300 g/m2h
Measuring precision 1%
Measuring Duration approx. 16 seconds
Autometic Switch-off appox. 30 seconds after the measurement
Power supply 1 Lithium-ion-battery, 640mAh
Operating temperature 15°C - 30°C (59°F – 86°F) between 20% -70% relative air humidity
Storage temperature 4°C - 50°C (39°F - 122°F) 10%-90% relative air humidity
Dimensions L x B x D (cm) 16,5 x approx. 3,4 - 4,5 x approx. 3,0 - 4,0
Display dimensions 26 x 24 mm
Weight 110g

dermaMeter® professional 100 - Charging cradle

Measurement principle Induction
Display LED
Power Supply Mini USB - Stecker, 5V ----, 1,2A
Operating temperature 15°C - 30°C (59°F – 86°F) approx. 20% -70% relative humidity
Storage temperature 4°C - 50°C (39°F - 122°F) 10%-90% relative humidity
Dimensions L x B x D (cm) 18,7 x approx. 6,0 - 7,5 x approx. 3,0 - 4,0
Weight 116g


dermaMeter® professional 100 - power supply

Medical Power supply  Class 2 Power supply
Input  100- 240V ~, 50 - 60 Hz, 0,5A
Output 5V ---, 1,2A 
Weight 148g

 * In the course of continual product improvements, we reserve the right to make technical and design changes.


Booklets & Whitepapers

 We provide with the dermaMeter® professional 100 Booklets, which contains the summery of clinical studies and the usage of the medical skin measurement device for the required disciplines.

 ▶ Dermatology

 ▶ Paediatrics

 ▶Tropical medicine

 ▶ Occupational Medicine

 ▶ Care

 ▶ Plastic Surgery

 ▶ Wounds

 ▶ Rehabilitation

 ▶ Radiology

 ▶ Lab

 ▶ Sports Medicine

 We provide white papers for your business cases and processes when using our solution in specific disciplines.



  • Constant measurement in any examination situation

  • Reliable support for your diagnosis


  • Easy to use
  • One-button operation
  • Wireless
  • Always ready for use
  • No or defined maintenance


  • Handy size, wireless

  • Can be used anywhere
  • Stylish special case for transport

Application Areas 

  • Wide range of areas of use 
  • From prevention through diagnosis and therapy monitoring


  • Use of sterile disposable hygiene caps
  • Protection for patient and device
  • Discard the hygiene cap by pressing a button without touching
  • Skin-friendly materials
  • Easy to clean housing


  • Exact measuring results due to independence from external influences

  • Objective clear measured values


  • In seconds measurement result

  • Efficient investigations
  • Accelerated healing by individual therapy


  • Repeat measurements are immediately available

  • No lead time


  • Detects slightest damages of the skin barrier

  • Certain diseases and their stages

Future technology

  • Innovative patented sensor technology

  • Latest measurement method

  • Certified Class IIa medical device


Please observe the instructions for use or patient information for the use of medical devices and their proper use.